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snow daze... - i'll tell you what you must already know...

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December 16th, 2007

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03:16 pm - snow daze...
Ugh, so why am I in Detroit again? As of right now we have over a foot of snow out there, yuck. Luckily I'm somewhat smart and decided to go outside and clean off my cars rather than doing it at 6 AM tomorrow.

Last night, driving back in this crap, I was nearly involved in an accident on the highway. Some idiot tried to quickly switch lanes two cars in front of me and did a 360 in the middle of the interstate. Then the car behind him tried to stop and also did a 360, slamming into him. Luckily I calmly pumped the breaks and skidded off onto the shoulder. Narrowly missing the guy behind me who was also heading to the shoulder. Hopefully the weather is OK when my roomate and I drive back to Jersey for X-mas/New Years break on Friday...

Speaking of which, I should probably write out my itinerary so I remember it...

December 21st- Drive back to Philly, possible dinner with Jared and Steph, possible dinner with Jen, possible dinner with Anita, possible dinner with Heather and Colin...

December 22nd- Home, extra lazy/unpack, record songs with Jimmy, possibly shop, watch some dvds, possibly Game On in AC to see Jamie and the like

December 23rd- Home, most likely laziness and record songs with Jimmy, possibly see Brian, possibly go to AC with Angie

December 24th- Home, lazy, cookies, Christmas story

December 25th- Home, extra lazy with lots of shrimp cocktail on the side

December 26th- Home, lazy, possible lunch with Kevin in Delaware

December 27th- Drive to NYC, possible guitar lesson with Charles Mexico, hopefully dinner/drinks with KGrand, guitar with Geoff, drinking with Geoff and his lady friend, ideally karaoke with all of the above referenced people...

December 28th- Drive to DC with Geoff to see Mark, have some beers and "musically masturbate" to recordings of our old band while Alisha makes fun of us...

December 29th- Do something fun in DC, hopefully hit up a karaoke bar, hopefully Sandy will come into the city to see me as well... it's been forever ever

December 30th- Drive back to NYC with Geoff, hopefully dinner and/or drinks with Ali, possibly see Dan and/or Kayla, work on some music with Geoff

December 31st- Hang out in NYC, work on music with Geoff, try not to be awkward at KGrand's party, Geoff's coworkers party, drink, enjoy, pass out

January 1st- Drive back to NJ

January 2nd---> January 5th- Home, lazy, no plans though

January 6th- Drive back to Motown...ugh

All of this weather permitting of course.

Wow, this has been long.

I'm totally digging Crystal Blue Persuasion right now. I think my dad put it on my computer when he was setting up his new Ipod.
Current Location: Detroit, MI
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Tommy James and the Shondells- Crystal Blue Persuasion

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